A brief sample of clips from 2010 – 2013:

The Dead and the Powerless: Landmine Victims in Colombia – ABC/Univision, April 2013

A Push for Animal Protections in Bogota Transforms the City’s Culture – ABC/Univision, March 2013

A Magical Mentorship – Narratively, March 2013

What Elba Esther Gordillo’s Arrest Means for Mexico’s Other Power Players – ABC/Univision, March 2013

Businessman’s Role in Pemex-Siemens Scandal Surfaces – ABC/Univision, February 2013

Amis Unfiltered – Guernica Magazine, February 2013

The Role of Health Professionals in Detainee Interrogation – The, November 2012

Fast and Furious Scandal: New Details Emerge on How the U.S. Government Armed Mexican Drug Cartels – ABC/Univision, September 2012

57 Previously Undiscovered Fast and Furious Guns Used in Mexican Crimes – ABC/Univision, September 2012

Cartel Leader Behind Mexican Massacres Linked to Operation Fast and Furious – ABC/Univision, September 2012

What They’re Saying: Linda McMahon’s economic soap opera –, August 2012

What They’re Saying: Rep. Todd Akin invokes “stage 3 cancer of socialism” –, August 2012

What They’re Saying: Steve King on animal fighting, America and immigration –, August 2012

Where’s Our Right to Die? –, July 2012

God is a Weapon –, June 2012

America’s War Mistakes –, June 2012

The Crowded, Competitive World of Animal Acting – The, May 2012

How America Forgot About Chess – The, May 2012

Vanishing Magic Shops –, February 2012

Las Vegas, a brief glimpse – V&T Magazine 10, February 2012

Las Vegas – Avianca, February 2012

Sophia Vari (Cover Story), Dinero & Estilo 5, January 2012

The Ivory of Corozal, Avianca Magazine 73, February 2011

Chris Anderson Interview, Dinero & Estilo 3, 2011

Vietnam Feature Story, V&T Magazine 8, 2011

El manjar ibérico, Cocina Semana, 2011

Ruptures, Luxury Star Magazine 23, October 2010

What they’re saying: Rep. Todd Akin invokes “stage 3 cancer of socialism” (

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