Discarded Lead: Magic Shops Story

A burly man with a ponytail and a black bowling shirt recently asked a young man for a quarter in a store in Midtown. After the youth obliged, he flipped the coin once and then demanded the utmost attention. Using both hands, he gave the coin a lateral spin and allowed it to float in the air. The quarter turned and turned in a gyre, levitating, rising and falling at the magician’s command.

“There are no wires,” said Magick Balay, the self-denominated “face” of the Fantasma Magic shop in 34th Street and Seventh Avenue, while the coin revolved in the open space in front of him.

“There’s nothing in my hands or in my arms. There’s nothing in my ears like in Vegas,” he said smiling as he cut invisible wires with his free hands.

He picked up the 1984 quarter and gave it back to the single member of his silent audience.

“We have it here,” he said signaling to a DVD with his face on the cover. “I can show you how to do it.”


2 thoughts on “Discarded Lead: Magic Shops Story

  1. Santiago, is this your writing? Nice. I will accept it! Looks like you’re really a journalist now. One tip: “picked up” in place of “picked.”. Why? Because English is odd.

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